Monday, March 19, 2012

Day 10 - 19/03/2012 - Mission Hills

Wow, another awesome day on another amazing golf course. We had a lovely buffet breakfast then caught the shuttle bus over to the Shenzhen clubhouse of Mission Hills. We are staying in the Dongguan Resort which has 5 courses, Shenzhen Resort also has 5 courses and there are 2 others at the Mid Valley clubhouse.
Golf Reception - Dongguan
The World Cup
Shenzhen Resort is actually closed at the moment for renovation. The golf courses are all still being used though :-). The Dongguan Resort is about 18 months old and is quite spectacular as per the photos.

The 19th Hole
You don't have to carry your clubs from place to place, they know where you are playing the next day and your clubs are there waiting for you at your tee time - very efficient system.
Ozaki Course
Anyway, we played the Ozaki Course today and it was certainly picturesque. Sean had 34 points and Mike and I had 31 each. Mike had his first birdie today which was good. We all played pretty well and yet again the caddies were wonderful - I definitely want to bring one home!!
We were joined by a 4th today, a guy named Tony who lives in Hong Kong and is a member here. He was very nice and could help us translate with the caddies if they had trouble understanding our English (or the Aussie accents).
Had a nice snack and cool drink in the Japanese restaurant afterwards then caught the shuttle back to Dongguan.
Weather was again wonderful, warm and sunny , slightly overcast early on but that kept it a little cooler than yesterday which was nice.
Mike, Tony, Sean & Jane
Shower and relax for an hour then off to dinner in the Chinese Restaurant in the resort. Tony told us it was very good food and he was right. No diet coke (or coke light as they call it in Asia) anywhere at Mission Hills, so I am drinking lots of green jasmine tea, they must have topped up my cup at least 20 times and when I finally said "no more thanks, I will need to swim home" they all laughed - would love to know what they were saying to each other. The staff are all so friendly and helpful even if they don't speak much English it is amazing how well you can communicate using sign language and simple words - great fun :-)
Earlier tee time tomorrow so that we can go shopping to Lo Wu in the afternoon - yeah! Have been there twice before and can't wait to go again. We are playing the Leadbetter Course tomorrow.

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