Friday, March 23, 2012

Day 14 - 23/3/2012 - Mission Hills

Awesome - best word to describe our last course and last day at Mission Hills.
Usual start to our day with buffet breakfast. Weather started off very very humid and overcast. Showers were forecast but again we were very lucky and no rain came. It certainly came over very dark for a while and the wind came up, humidity disappeared completely and temperature dropped. Can't believe we have been so lucky with the weather, it only rained for 20 mins on our first day in Macau and has been fine since :-)
Tee time of 10:36 on the Greg Norman course. We had been told by many people that it was the hardest course here and they were right!!
Zou, Li, Sean, Ne & Mike
Met up with our 3 favourite caddies and set off. Very long holes, very deep bunkers and greens which were very sloped, making putting extremely treacherous (as if it wasn't hard enough!!).

Mike, Jane & Sean
Sean was the star again today and he had 30 points which was very impressive on such a tough course. Mike had 25 which was also pretty good and I was very happy to make 19. I drove the ball beautifully and was getting to within 1 shot of the green then putting them in the bunkers which were so deep that the people on the green could not even see the club when you swung it, just a little puff of sand. They were mostly too deep for me and whilst I ordinarily like bunkers these were just too hard!

Par 5 - 14th Hole - Index 1

Great fun though, really enjoyed the course, very different from all the others. For Sean and I that was 10 courses played this fortnight and for Mike it was 6 this week, so I think we all did well just to survive. My poor old knees are protesting now though!!

Awesome Par 3 - 4th Hole
Drinks and snacks in the bar then up for a shower and change.
Got a car to go to Guanlan for dinner. It was about 20 mins from Dongguan Resort. Nice driver this time, we got him to stop at a group of golf shops on the way, didn't buy anything, would have been good to go there and have a good look around earlier in the week.
The customer service rep at Mission Hills recommended a restaurant for us- Hong Fu Luo Seafood Restaurant - very funny trying to get them to understand our English, I even resorted to animal impressions for chicken and cow which they found hilarious. We saw them later demonstrating my actions to other staff. Whole meal only $40 Aus including 2 large beers for the boys. Best Peking Duck I have ever had - yum!
Wandered around the shops for a while after. Mike bought another 2 golf shirts, he has by far been the best shopper so far :-)
Caught a taxi back to the resort, still driving fast but nothing like the terrifying journey back from Shenzhen earlier in the week. I can completely understand now why Chinese drivers in Australia have so much trouble!!
Cheeky monkeys :-)
Finished packing ready for the trip home tomorrow. We have had an excellent week and I have thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Sean won the weeks golf by one point from Mike with me happily bringing up the rear, but not unhappy with how I played.
Looking forward to Coke Light tomorrow back in HK and then more shopping before the trip home tomorrow night.

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