Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 5 - 14/3/2012 - Hong Kong

Slept well, had a nice breakfast upstairs in the lounge (same set-up as when we stayed at Novotel for school reunion).

Hong Kong Golf Club
Headed off on the MTR to Fanling which is where Hong Kong Golf Club is situated. There are 3 changes of train but it is all so easy, even carrying our golf clubs. Wish we could do public transport in Australia as efficiently as they do here. The whole journey takes about 45 mins and costs about $1:50 Aus. We still have our original Octopus cards from our first trip to HK about 10 years ago, we just top them up again each time we come here.
Today we played the New Course. This course is walking only. I agreed to play as long as I could have a caddy. I don't know the caddies names because neither of them spoke much English. They were there to carry the bags and clean the balls etc... They did not line up the putts or anything too complicated. They were both lovely and very helpful. My caddy could see that I was really struggling with knee pain and she did everything she could to help out.
Lovely course. We played the old course a few years ago and this was very different. I had some good holes but really could not sustain it while walking (even with the caddy). Sean also had some good and bad. He Won on stableford points but neither score was worth shouting about!!
My caddy
Had a nice lunch on the outside deck. Weather was lovely, we even saw some blue sky today during the round. Caught the train back to Kowloon.
Left our golf clubs there because we are playing the Eden course there tomorrow. There are 3 courses in total.
Nice shower and a rest for the poor swollen knees.
The 18th Green
Headed out, towards the waterfront this time. Wandered down the streets with all the good clothing stores, bought a black jumper that I had been looking for, worked out about $13 Aus.
Went to one of our old favourite HK haunts - Delaneys, an Irish Bar where we have watched quite a few games of Rugby in the past. Had a meal there, silverside with cabbage and potatoes in white sauce - Mmmmm, I forgot how yummy that was.
About to leave when this Asian guy started talking to us. We thought he worked there at first because he was hanging out at the bar etc... Started talking about jewellery, then pulled all these necklaces out of his pockets. Really nice. I said I wanted a Pandora bracelet, so he asked me to hang on and dashed off to the other side of the pub. Sean followed him and he went into the men's loo. Came out of a cubicle a few minutes later with all these little black bags - we think he had them strapped to his body? He had Pandoras in every colour- I bought a nice pink one for $150 HK which is just under $20 Aus. We are going back there on Saturday to watch the Rugby so might buy a few more items :-))
Walked back up to our hotel via a golf shop to buy a few golf balls. Early night coming up to let the poor aching body rest and recover.

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