Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day 12 - 21/3/2012 - Mission Hills

Caddies ready for corporate day
View from our room
Wow, what a fantastic day again today. Had our usual breakfast (this is held as a buffet in the main dining area - World Kitchen -in the clubhouse). As we were walking back to our rooms to brush our teeth we saw all the caddies lined up under one of the billboards having a photo shoot. All the golf carts were ready to go, and there were loads of golf bags being unpacked from a trailer. We are not sure what event it was but it certainly looked impressive.

Faldo Course
Headed out on the shuttle which drove us 10 mins to the Mid Valley Clubhouse. This one has 2 courses, the Faldo which we played and also the Peter Dye course which is private and only available to Chartered Diamond Members!!

We were joined by a really nice guy called Alex. He lives and works in HK but as there are so few golf courses in HK he joined here and comes over on the shuttle twice a week to play.

We met our lovely caddies, all new ones as they only work from one of the 3 clubhouses and this was our first game here. Very nice as usual. They loved Mike, must be the grey hair making him look distinguished. My caddie asked how old he was and kept saying he was handsome, very sweet.
It was a great golf course, very interesting, each hole very different.
16th - Island green

Looking back down 18
18th at Faldo
We all had some good and some bad. Sean finished with a birdie 4/5 on the 18th to have 33 points. Mike also had 33 points. Mike and I both had a par 3 on the 16th island green and then I followed up with a par on the 17th for a 4/4. I had 29 points. I became quite fatigued in the middle of the round and had 2 bad holes which threw my score a bit. Also, I still can't putt on these greens - they are all sanded and the downhill putts are super fast while the uphill putts are super slow. Happy to be scoring at all if I am honest :-).
18th green
We had a drink and a snack in the bar afterwards with Alex then caught the shuttle back to Dongguan. Shower and change then off for Teppanyaki. Very nice dinner, back to our room and watched Little Fockers which was on TV. Bit of a sleep in tomorrow as playing World Cup Course.

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