Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day 11 - 20/03/2012 - Mission Hills

Another great day. Up and about earlier so we could play early and then go shopping in Luohu in the afternoon. Misread our tee time and were slightly late but all was ok.
Sean & Jane
Leadbetter Course
We had paid our caddies well on Sunday and asked them to caddy for us again today (they only work at one of the 3 clubhouses at a time). The Leadbetter Course is at the Dongguan Resort where they work, so it was nice to be greeted by 3 lovely smiling faces for our game.
It is a very technically difficult course. Very undulating fairways so most shots are played on uneven lies, either down or up hill. Quite challenging. Mike won the day with 30 points, Sean had 28 and another birdie, and I had 27 - I really struggled with the putter on the sandy greens. If I had sunk a few I would have had a pretty good score, but that is golf!!
Finished and had lunch in the clubhouse, quick shower then we had booked a car to take us into Shenzhen so we could go shopping at Luohu. The driver talked or texted on one of his mobile phones the whole way there, then dropped us off where one of his contacts was waiting to start harassing us to visit his shop.
Sean and I have been shopping there twice before so we knew not to engage the touts in conversation or to make eye contact with them because they will harass you for ages. Mike said hello to this tout and that was it, come this way, see my shop etc... I refused to speak to him or acknowledge him and after a while he finally let us carry on our way without him being 5feet away from us!
It is a very confronting place, they are constantly in your face, calling out "Missy Missy, handbags and watches, you come in and look" etc..
Sean and Mike got a few golf shirts each but there were much fewer golf shops than the last time we went, very few ladies shirts and none my size. I did buy one shirt, 3 golf hat markers and a LV Wallet to match my handbag.
Luohu Shopping Centre
We left there and headed across the road to the Shangri-La Hotel, had dinner over there then went to ask for a taxi to take us back to the resort (about 40 mins away). The first 4-5 taxi's did not want to take us that far then we found one who would for a fixed price. Driving in China is quite an experience, they drive like maniacs, hands on horns, don't follow lane lines or speed limits etc... The trip home was quite scary, this guy was driving sooooo fast, but we got home in one piece which was great.
Had another shower as felt very grubby after being there, time for bed now, has been a busy day :-). Playing the Faldo Course tomorrow which is situated in the middle clubhouse.

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